Matsuba Crab

Matsuba Crab is the king of the delicacy in winter. Hamasaka fish port is proud of the largest catch of Matsuba crab in Japan. Enjoy great tasting Matuba crab flesh, sweetness and juiciness. You can savor the authentic and fine taste of locally grown ingredient ,sea products used by Charcoal Grill around Irori(fireplace). These delight to your eyes as well as tongue.Sit down around Irori and eat slowly.


Kani-sommelier is the expert who has the Knowledge of the way of eating Matuba Crab. Please feel free to ask us.

Matsuba Crab Special Full Course Plan

This plan is very popular.We recommend this plan to the guests who eat Kaizokuyaki for the first time.

【menu】 Matsuba crab by Charcoal Grill Kani-shabushabu Sashimi of Matsuba crab Kani-miso Side dish Kani-zosui Dessert


In summer, We offer Kaizoku-Yaki,sea foods freshly caught from the sea of Charcoal Grill around Irori(fireplace).

Sea foods

Sea foods by Charcoal Grill.

Kaizokuyaki Standard Plan

We reccomend this plan to the guests who eat Kaizokuyaki for the first time.

【menu】 Sea foods by Charcoal Grill Sashimi Simmered or Cooked fish Side dish Beef steak Rice ball Miso soup Dessert

Tajima Beef

Tajima beef is famous for the breeding cow of Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef. The flesh of Tajima beef is resiliet ,yet savory and finely marbled. Experience authentic high-quality beef. Shabushabu Course;par boil the slices of Tajima beef ,pride and joy of Tajima local. You’ll be happy as soon as you put it in your mouth. You can’t stop eating it!

Matsuba Crab and Tajima Beef Plan

This Plan includes Matsuba crab and Tajima beef shabushabu.

【menu】 Tajima Beef Shabushabu Matsuba crab by Charcoal Grill Sashimi of Matsuba crab Sashimi Side dish Kani-miso Kani-zousui Dessert

Optional Menu

You can make a reservation of optional menu.

Sashimi of Squid
2000 yen
Hotaru Squid
1000 yen
Nippon Oyster
2000 yen
Funamori of Sashimi
4000 yen
Tajima Beef Steak
4000 yen


Japanese breakfast.Delicious rice, onsen egg,flesh fish,salad,two~three kobachi(sidedish),miso soup,and coffee.

Japanese Breakfast