“Kani-Moto Hamasaka”

Hamasaka fish port is proud of the largest catch of Matsuba crab in Japan.

We declared “Kani-Moto Hamasaka” means that  Matsuba Crab is a speciality of Hamasaka in 2005.
We created “kani-sommelier” as a expert of Matsuba Crab and “Omotenashi”.

What is Kani-Sommelier ?

Kani-sommelier is the expert who has the Knowledge of the way of eating Matuba Crab. Kani-sommelier

We had studied the biology of crab,nutrition of crab,culture and history of Hamasaka for three years before we got qualified as Kani-sommelier.

We are studying the knowledge of Matsuba Crab and the hospitality now.

Kani-Sommelier’s Town Hamasaka

We will make efforts to serve better hospitality and make guests happy in Kani-Sommelier’s Town Hamasaka.