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We offer guests Yukata as bathrobe. In addition, we help female guests get dressed Iro Yukata. Iro Yukata is colorful and lovely, traditional Japanese casual wear in summer. Yukata is comfortable and cool to stay in hot summer. Walk along Ajiwara street and enjoy Hamasaka Onsen in Yukata.


浜坂温泉Onsen Town :Shinonsen Town

Hamasaka Onsen

As the name suggests, Shinonsen Town is the town of Hot springs, Onsen.The jewel of Shinonsen town is its many and varied hot springs.Hamasaka Onsen Hot Spring Area consists of Shichikama Onsen Hot Spring, Futsukaichi Onsen Hot Spring, and Hamasaka Onsen Hot Spring.  

Yumura Onsen

The source of the hot springs of Yumura Onsen is the hottest spring water in Japan (98℃) and it is called 'ara-yu'.Peaple have enjoyed Onsen here for a long time dating back to when feudal lords would travel along the road on the way to Kyoto.


There is a foot buth(ashiyu) by the Hamasaka station. You can relieve the weariness of the journey.。


Utopia Hamasaka is equipped with big bathtubs and bubble baths which are great for health and beauty. This is an ideal place to relax and unwind. It also contains a hall with karaoke equipment, a training room and a study room. Delicious boiled-eggs can be cooked with hot spring water outside. Address: 1252-1 Hamasaka, Shinonsen Town Closed Thursdays


Shichikama Onsen Yu-raku kan