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Syofuso is small inn(Minshuku) with homely atmosphere.You can relax in a japanese traditional room.

澄風荘 館内

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澄風荘のお部屋 和室


Japanese-style rooms with a relaxed atmosphere.

Guest Room 2


Bedding is basically Japanese Futon mattress.There are two Bed rooms as well.



Private dinning room "Katarai".Sit down around Irori and relax together.Irori is a traditional japanese fireplace ,used for heating the home and for cooking food.You can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Irori and authentic japanese local food dinner,ex Matsuba craband Tajima beef.




You can get an annex all to yourself.Please feel free to contact us directly if you want to.


Japanese style Rooms 5 Bed Rooms 2
Total number of rooms 7 Capacity 28 persons

Amenities and Equipment

Face towel & Bath towl Body soap Hair-dryer
Toothbrush set Yukata(bathlobe) Tea set
Bath towel, Wi-Fi (free) TV
shampoo in rinse Air Conditioning, Toilet with a bidet

*All rooms are connected to the internet [free Wifi].

*Onsen ticket (free):We recommend you to go to the Public bath, Utopia Hamasaka or Yu-raku kan near syofuso.

Internet Connection

All rooms are connected to the internet [free Wifi].


浜坂温泉Public bath|Hamasaka Onsen

We recommend you to go to the public bath, Utopia.We serve free onsen ticket. Utopia Hamasaka is equipped with big bathtubs and bubble baths which are great for health and beauty. This is an ideal place to relax and unwind. It also contains a hall with karaoke equipment, a training room and a study room. Delicious boiled-eggs can be cooked with hot spring water outside. Address: 1252-1 Hamasaka, Shinonsen Town Closed Thursdays

Private bath(Family bath)

We have a small private bath.Hamasaka Onsen flows in this bath.